The 5 Point Cafe is voted Western Washington’s Best Dive Bar

The 5 Point Cafe voted Best Dive Bar

SEATTLE – The 5-Point Cafe was selected BEST Dive Bar by the voters of Western Washington in 2016’s Best of Western Washington contest.

The 5-Point Cafe boasts the title of the “Longest-run Family Eatery in Seattle” AND “Belltown’s Oldest Bar.” It’s known as one of the world’s best dive bars and diners.

The dimly-lit working class bar serves hearty, inexpensive, unpretentious eats with a usually crowded cocktail lounge serving up stiff drinks and raucous conversation.

The dive was first founded in 1929 by husband and wife team C. Preston and Frances Smith, but the bar’s most colorful history doesn’t come until the mid-70s when the couple’s son Dick took over the family business.

Dick Smith maintained the reputation his father built, for good food and large portions, but made the bar legendary through his own antics.

Dick was a notorious prankster, famously installing a periscope in the bar’s men’s room with a clear view of the Space Needle. That periscope is now in nearly every guidebook about Seattle.

Now the bar is owned by David Meinert. But don’t worry, he and his staff are keeping the tradition of The 5 Point alive with the same long-term employees, great homemade food at good prices, 24/7 service, and Seattle’s best jukebox.