Read What The Press Says About The 5 Point

Belltown’s oldest bar may also be its best

The 5-Point Cafe boasts the title of the “Longest-run Family Eatery in Seattle” AND “Belltown’s Oldest Bar.” It’s known as one of the world’s best dive bars and diners….The dimly-lit working class bar serves hearty, inexpensive, unpretentious eats with a usually crowded cocktail lounge serving up stiff drinks and raucous conversation.

The 5 Point Cafe: stiff drinks and crabby charm

“Come for the cheap burger or come out of curiosity, but bring your sense of humor. No Seattle Freeze here. Mingle. Hoist a can of Rainier with the stranger two seats over. Pick a song from the jukebox. And pay no mind if some drunk boos your taste in music. They’re just teasing. They like you.”