5 Point Cafe named one of America’s Grittiest Dive Bars

Liquor.com named The 5 Point Cafe one of

“Insist on wearing your Google Glass wherever you go? Do not enter this bar. The dive’s owner banned the device before it was even released to ensure the privacy of its patrons, so you and your tech specs had better keep moving. Out-of-towners also receive a warning as they enter, with an honest sign stating, “We cheat tourists and drunks since 1929.” 5 Point’s service may be famously brusque, but the 85-year-old institution has always been celebrated more for its food—greasy, homespun dishes like bacon pancakes and fried donuts—than its ambiance. It’s smoky, loud and more than a little grimy, with a tarnished black and white checkerboard pattern sprawling across the floor and ceiling. But with $2 drafts and an early morning happy hour, the regulars certainly don’t care. Bonus points for the periscope-like view of the Space Needle from the men’s room window.”



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